MuseumApp™ is a mobile service to inspire, connect and guide museum visitors on their smartphones and tablets. MuseumApp™ allows people to prepare their visit, explore arts & culture inside and outside the museum and share their experiences.
Launch your fully branded MuseumApp™ apps.  Publish your collection to smartphones and tablets and create interactive multimedia tours inside the exhibition spaces and outside at city locations.
For Museums, Archives and other Cultural Institutions.


Promote your exhibitions interactively on the web and tablets.

Visitors can:

  • Browse essential collection information with high-resolution photos and video.
  • Discover curated selections of objects and stories on an interactive map.
  • Save personal favorites and share them with friends on social media.


Connect visitors to the exhibition space using their smartphone.

Visitors can:

  • Navigate the exhibition space using a zoomable floor plan.
  • Unlock photos, video, audio, quizzes at collection objects (QR or tap).
  • Save objects as favorite and share on social media.


Guide visitors on their phone along places and tell them engaging stories.

Visitors can:

  • Enjoy city tours by foot or bike with full GPS tracking.
  • Explore your selection of city hotspots such as landmarks, café’s, theaters.
  • Record and share their personal experience.


We also provide the possibility to combine multiple museums into one app. Each one with their own channel and publishing access: our platform option. Have a look at our platform for Dutch museums and contact us for more details.


We can help to create a cultural Points of Interest database to provide people when experiencing your city tours. The right landmarks, cafés, restaurants, theaters, attractions and more. We will make sure information always stays up-to-date


We gladly share our years of experience in mobile storytelling to make sure you benefit from all our lessons learned. We organize webinars or can host a workshop at your offices.


Beautifully produced videos and audio recordings often make all the difference. We work with a range of specialized production partners to help you produce professional media.


MuseumApp™ is a mobile extension to your existing marketing and visitor services strategy. You have a new way to reach potential visitors and welcome them when they arrive.


  • Reach potential visitors on the devices they use most.
  • The app is fully branded and the content easily share on social media.
  • Longer and stronger engagement with visitors before they arrive and while they are at your museum.


  • Provide curated and personalized content to your visitors.
  • Available anytime, anyplace, without additional support from staff.
  • Also publish quizzes and games for your educational programs.


  • Your application is up and running within 6 weeks.
  • Simple monthly subscription in relation to your annual number of visitors.
  • All technological updates, hosting and maintenance are included.